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Exmormon Foundation Board Members

Heidi Alsop

Foundation President


Heidi was born and raised in the church. She converted her high school sweetheart, Tom, who got baptized, served a mission, and then they married six weeks after he returned from his mission. Tom and Heidi have five sons, the oldest of whom served a mission in England from 2010-2012. In June 2012, Tom confessed to Heidi that he no longer believed the Mormon Church to be God.s true church. Heidi was devastated, and cried for about a week, and then she went on a quest to prove her husband wrong and bring him back to the church. Tom suggested that Heidi could always "Come to the dark side", but Heidi proclaimed, "No way! I'm a Jedi!"

As she studied each of his issues in order to correct his flawed thinking, she discovered the ugly underbelly of the church to which she had devoted her life. In short order, Tom and Heidi threw out their garments, stopped going to church, and never looked back. Tom and Heidi are known in many Ex Mormon circles as twojedis and sithlord. Their exit from the church played out very publicly, and was far from quiet; causing a big splash in their local ward. Tom was on the Stake High Council at the time of his exit, and Heidi held three callings. Tom and Heidi resigned from the church along with three of their children in February 2013. They reside near Portland, Oregon.

Timmy Chou

Board Member


Timmy Chou, originally from North Oaks, Minnesota, is a serial entrepreneur and a founding partner of Spectra Consulting Group where for over 20 years he has performed consulting on growth issues in emerging technology, life science, and consumer product ventures. Timmy's corporate experience includes serving as a CFO, CEO, and as a corporate Director. Timmy has developed strategies for development-stage enterprises that have produced significant debt and/or equity investment.

Timmy was raised as a Mormon, and served as a missionary in the Hawaii Pacific area, and subsequently in numerous teaching, administrative and leadership roles within the LDS church for over 30 years. He is currently a Board Member and the Treasurer for Postmormon.org, and also serves as the current President of SLC Postmos, a non-profit, support-group development corporation for exmormons. Timmy is a member of the International Cult Studies Association (ICSA).

Joshua Kaggie

Board Member
Web Guru


Dr. Joshua Kaggie, originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, is currently a researcher in the Department of Radiology at the University of Cambridge in England. He received his Doctorate in Physics from the University of Utah. He researches and produces medical imaging devices for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Dr. Kaggie was raised within Mormonism and served as a Mormon missionary in Denmark from 2001 to 2003. Since leaving the Mormon Church, Dr. Kaggie has been active in establishing non-profit programs and resources to benefit former members. He was the lead Founder for the non-profit group SLC Postmos, a support group established in 2011 that provides connection and support to emerging exmormons, which has become the largest Salt Lake City-based support group, and which has become the model for numerous other locally-based groups. Dr. Kaggie remains a Trustee of SLC Postmos, and continues to provide assistance and consulting to other exmormon-focused entities.

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