Exmormon Foundation Board Members

Kathleen (Phair) Jones

Foundation President


Kathleen (Phair) Jones grew up as a member of the church. While spending her 20’s in Mesa, AZ among "The Saints", slowly she began to realize that something was deeply wrong with the church. She walked out at the age of 25. It was about 10 yrs. later that she started researching all the history of the church and realized that what she had felt about the church was indeed accurate. She has been involved helping fellow travelers who have just discovered the truth, many who are in great emotional distress, ever since.

Kathleen and her husband have two boys, and live in Oregon.

Sue Emmett

Foundation Vice President


Sue was a faithful member of the church for 50 years. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from BYU, she followed the traditional LDS path of marriage in the temple, and mother to seven children, whom she considers her greatest accomplishment. Devoted all the extra hours she had to service in the church, and was called to just about every executive or teaching job a woman can have over the years. Began to have doubts about the authenticity of the church 20 years before leaving, but it was a slow process, and a bi-polar sort of journey, as she stored information and some of her critical thinking skills away while raising her children. Fortunately, those skills were always simmering under the surface, more than ready to grab and devour the next piece of research. Divorcing after 34 years and empty-nesting about the same time propelled her to "open the cupboard" and let it all fall out. A year and a half later, she left the church, and discovered the online Exmormon community -- something that was invaluable at the time. She has served as president of the Foundation once before, and as chair of the annual Exmormon Foundation conference for the past eight years.

Tom Donofrio

Board Member


Tom was raised in the Church from a young age by his convert parents in Pittsburgh Pa. He served a mission in Tempe, Az from 79-81. While on his mission he met his wife to be and returned to Arizona to marry her in the Mesa Temple. Tom was a Church employee when he began original research into Book of Mormon origins.

As a result of his studies Tom quit working for the Church and formally resigned his membership in 2002. Tom's parents and siblings in Pennsylvania have also quit their membership.

He is currently a board member of the ExMormon Foundation and is employed in Arizona as an ammonia refrigeration technician.

See Tom's Stories articles on PostMormon.org and MormonThink.com

Dana Dahl

Membership Secretary


Dana Dahl has been emancipated from the LDS church for 13 years and after some typical foolish experiments she nestled comfortably into marriage with the love of her life BABB (Bad Ass Brave Bill). Together they live in their 150 yr. old pioneer home in the mountains near Zion National park and they create art, fine woodworking, and garden on their small permaculture farm. Dana has three adult children from her first marriage and so far four grandkids who are most likely the best looking and smartest kids ever born. She intersperses her mediocre art and gardening with residential design and drafting and has designed hundreds of homes in the Southern Utah area. She is passionate about supporting her LGBT friends and causes that improve the quality and dignity of life for her fellow earth citizens. She usually chooses the Left and delights in loud laughter, light mindedness, and occasional evil speaking of those who would use their power to oppress others. She believes in life before death.

Micah McAllister

Board Member


Micah is a born in the covenant, 5th generation Mormon who was raised in "Happy Valley" (Utah County) and still lives there today. He served a full 2 year mission to Chile Santiago from 1998 to 2000 and met his darling wife upon returning in the summer of 2000 before marrying in the temple in early 2001. Together they have 3 kids. Micah remained a faithful, believing, and obedient saint until May 2008 when he left the church in just a matter of days due to a personal realization about the dividing nature of religious devotion. He later created an online social community for those leaving Mormonism (LifeAfterMormonism.net) as a safe haven and friendly place to get support in transitioning out of the church.

Heidi Alsop

Board Member


Heidi was born and raised in the church. She converted her high school sweetheart, Tom, who got baptized, served a mission, and then they married six weeks after he returned from his mission. Tom and Heidi have five sons, the oldest of whom served a mission in England from 2010-2012. In June 2012, Tom confessed to Heidi that he no longer believed the Mormon Church to be God.s true church. Heidi was devastated, and cried for about a week, and then she went on a quest to prove her husband wrong and bring him back to the church. Tom suggested that Heidi could always "Come to the dark side", but Heidi proclaimed, "No way! I.m a Jedi!"

As she studied each of his issues in order to correct his flawed thinking, she discovered the ugly underbelly of the church to which she had devoted her life. In short order, Tom and Heidi threw out their garments, stopped going to church, and never looked back. Tom and Heidi are known in many Ex Mormon circles as twojedis and sithlord. Their exit from the church played out very publicly, and was far from quiet; causing a big splash in their local ward. Tom was on the Stake High Council at the time of his exit, and Heidi held three callings. Tom and Heidi resigned from the church along with three of their children in February 2013. They reside near Portland, Oregon.

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