About the Foundation

Who We Are

We are a diverse community of former Mormons or questioning Mormons. Many of us have been church leaders, teachers, missionaries and faithful members, and we are here to support those who, like ourselves, are creating a life after Mormonism.

For many, the transition out of Mormonism is difficult and traumatic. It involves carefully examining the teachings of the church and evaluating them objectively. And it may involve the risk of disapproval or sometimes outright ostracism from friends and family. But it also involves a sincere search for truth. Whether you join our group or not, we invite you to explore our website, visit links we have established to other organizations, and ask questions. We warmly welcome you to join us in the search for real answers, real friends and the joy of an examined life. You are not alone!

What We Do

The Foundation is organized as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of Oregon. As such, donations to the Foundation are fully tax-deductible. It is not affiliated with and does not endorse any church, religion, creed or political party. It is a democratic organization, responsible to its members. Membership is open to all who share these goals.

About Us


Post-Mormons are members of a rapidly growing community of families and individuals who have voluntarily left Mormonism.